Georgetown Middle
School Students
  Bell County ... Braced Star; Bond Pike ... Rolling Stone; Bourbon County ... Barbara Fritchie Star | Lemoyne Star; Burgess Smith Road ... Lemoyne Star; Burton Pike ... Goose Tracks | Mothers Favorite; Cynthiana Road ... Flower Basket; Derby Estates ... Grammar Class; Double Culbert Road ... Star Bouquet; Duvall Station Road ... Eight Hands Around | Lemoyne Star | My Mother's Star | Prairie Queen | Lemoyne Star | Southern Lites | Lone Star | Tulip Basket | Soldier's Ladies Aid Society; Ed Davis Lane ... Nine Patch; Etter Lane ... Grandmothers Flower Garden | Texas Star; Frankfort Pike ... Bear Claws | Storm At Sea; Franklin County ... Country Star | Frankfort Block | Trip Around The World; Galloway Road ... Oregon Star; Gemini Road ... Flower Basket; Glass Pike ... Amish Star | North Carolina Star; Green Lane ... Kentucky Sun; Harrison County ... Tobacco Leaf | Trip Around The World; Henry County ... Trip Around The World; Ironworks ... Barbara Fritchie; Kelly Avenue ... Love Basket | Nurse; KY 227 ... Alabama | Carpenters | Corner Post | Lady Godeys Book Block | Pin Wheel Star | Sky Rocket | Star of David | Star of the Bluegrass; Laurel Lane ... Storm At Sea; Leesburg Road ... Pin Wheels; Lexington ... Rising Star; Lexington Road ... Virginia Star; Lloyd Pike ... Country Star; Locust Fork Road ... Miss Jackson | Shinning Stars | Wind Mill; Long Lick Pike ... Mail Delivery; Minors Branch Road ... Aunt Elizas Star | Browneyed Susan; Owen County ... Sixteen Patches; Owenton Road ... Bear Paws | Delectable Mountain | Kentucky | Liberty | Mail Delivery | Sarah's Choice; Paris Pike ... Flower Basket; Paynes Depot Road ... Ohio Star | Star of Bethlehem; Pea Ridge Road ... Double Aster; Plaskie County ... Circle of Life Trinity Star; Pleasureville ... Trip Around The World; Rabbitt Run ... Gods Eye; Rogers Gap Road ... Ohio Star Variation; Scott County ... Prairie Queen; Sebree Road ... Broken Band | Double Wedding Ring | Farmers Field | Four Seasons | Georgetown Circles | John Morgan | Lemoyne Star | Radient Star | Southern Lites Variation | Stars Over Tennessee; Skinnersburg Road ... Arrowhead Variation | Arrowheads; South Taylor Lane ... Log Cabin; Stamping Ground Park ... Buffalo; Stamping Ground Main Street ... Eccentric Star | Grandmothers Flower Garden | Interlaced Star | Jabberwocky | Spinning Star; Stone Road ... Union Soldiers; Stonetown Road ... Mariners Compass; Thistleway ... Five Star Block | Rally Round; US 460 By-pass ... Arrowhead | Dutch Rose Variation; US 460 West ... School House; West Honaker ... Greek Cross; White Oak Road ... Double Wrench; Woodlake Road ... Arrowhead | Bethlehem Star | Butterfly | Gentleman's Fancy | Housewife  

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Take a tour and enjoy this site. Each quilt features a unique design that will not be duplicated. For more information call 502-863-2547

Discover pieces of history
and beauty across Scott County!

The Buffalo Gals Barn Quilt Trail in Scott County Kentucky takes you along country roads, past historic farms with barns old and new, and alongside fields where cows and horses graze, corn ripples, and wildflowers bloom.

The main attractions, of course, are the quilt squares themselves, a cornucopia of traditional and contemporary patterns that adorn barns, yards, and fences across the county. Built of wood and painted with care, these 8-foot and 4-foot squares are fascinating pieces of history preserved as roadside art.

From "Prairie Queen" to "Union Soldiers," every barn quilt square has a story to tell in shape and color. Driving the Buffalo Gals Barn Quilt Trail is a way to experience a sense of the rich history of quilting as well as the rural traditions of Scott County, of Kentucky, and of America itself.

Begun by the Buffalo Gals Homemakers of Stamping Ground, the Buffalo Gals Barn Quilt Trail has grown to encompass more than 100 barn quilts, each one a unique creation. For the greatest concentrations of barn quilts, take Hwy. 460 west from Georgetown and turn right onto US 227 toward Stamping Ground. Once in Stamping Ground, you'll find more barn quilts along Sebree, Duvall Station, Locust Fork, Owenton, Minor's Branch, and Woodlake roads.

Pack a picnic or stop for refreshments along the way. Bring your camera and a sense of adventure. And get ready for a most enjoyable morning or afternoon. For as the old saying goes, "A day patched with quilting seldom unravels."

Remember, the barn quilts are located on private property. Find out more about the quilts and their history at the Georgetown/Scott County Tourism web site

Site by M. J. Leigh | Photos by John Simpson & Mr. & Mrs. Landry | GPS by Earl Smith, Planning & Zoning | Special thanks to Scott County School System for their support.

Copyright 2007

Courtesy of Jean and Rick Miller - We have attached a Google Map kml file which can be imported to Google Maps for interactive online mappng, link is below.,-84.5785&spn=0.288963,0.518417&z=11&msid=105155034069234384912.0004964495962e7f63a72

Students from the Georgetown Middle School spent several days touring the county and mapped the gps locations of each barn quilt. Special thanks to the teachers that helped make this project possible.

Built of wood and painted with care, these 8-foot and 4-foot squares are fascinating pieces of history preserved as roadside art.